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" Because the sense of wonder is the first step  towards respect and action "

To be meaningful, an expedition must participate directly or indirectly to the awareness raising. The main purpose of the educational project is to sensitize the young generations to the protection of the white continent and its unique ecosystem. This project will be lead with the support of the french Ministère of National Education.

          WATCHING to SHOW

The Antarctic continent is one of the wildest and still probably the least explored areas on the planet because it is so vast and so hostile to the presence of humans at the same time, particularly between the geographic south pole and the Dumont D'Urville scientific base.

With the crossing of the white continent from West to East, Antarctic Odyssey will be an opportunity to bring back images in order to make a documentary and sharing them in live with school students and during video-conferences.


Several key stages and themes already make up the educational project, including:
- - presentation of the characteristics of the Antarctic continent (weather conditions, local fauna and flora);
- - studies of the main threats linked to the presence of human activity in this region and the consequences of global warming in the short term;
- introduction to environmental protection practices, in particular the convention on the protection of the Antarctic marine environment. 



During the school years preceding the expedition, the two explorers will offer to host conference to present the project and the challenges of this mission to the end of the world. Back in France, they will visit pupils and students to share feedback and propose areas for reflection on actions to be carried out on a collective scale in the form of:
- interactive educational activities between students in the same class and within classes in the same school;
organization of workshops to discover the realities of life in Antarctica and understand environmental issues;
- sharing the results of the project between students in the same class, with their family and their community. 

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